• 60slant bed configuration with twin turret heads of upper and lower positions.
  • Compact design turret disc has less interference to the tailstock.
  • NC programmable tail stock.
Major specifications
Model NK-3X
Swing over bed 560mm
Swing over cross slide 340mm
Max. turning diameter 320mm
Max. center distance 760mm
Spindle center height from floor face 1,200mm
Cross slide travel X1 axis 190mm
X2 axis 135mm
Saddle travel Z1 axis 670mm
Z2 axis 670mm
Feed X1AX2AZ1AZ2 axis 0.01`500.00mm/rev
Rapid traverse feed rate X1AX2 axis 10m/min
Z1AZ2 axis 20m/min
Quantity of turret head upper-1,lower-1,total 2-units
Quantity of tools on turret disc (upper and lower) 8-tools at front
Spindle nose ASA A2-6
Spindle bore 59mm
Spindle speed 20`3,200rpm
Main motor AC spindle motor 11/15kw
Tailstock NC programmable and spindle built in type
Tailstock quill/stroke 100/120mm
Tailstock center force 100`750kgf
Tailstock spindle inside taper MT No4
Floor space L~W~H 3,042~1,822~1,875mm
Machine weight 5,500kgf
CNC unit Fanuc 18i-TB
Vertical machining center(MAX-410V)
Vertical machining center(MAX-410i,710i)
CNC Lathe NST-30 & 40
CNC Lathe NK-3X
Polymer bed small precision CNC lathe GT XPRESS
CNC horizontal boring machine
CNC internal grinding machine