Our company is a human entity in an excellent harmony with its surrounding nature.
We are searching and developing technologies which will pry open the future of humans and their lives.
Nissin's offices and factories are located in the splendid environment of Banshu district.
In this wonderful verdure, we are developing and producing products by our up-to-date technologies, and transmitting to Japan and all over the world.
To us amidst information age, our base of activity need not be located in the center of a megalopolis. Preferably it is more important to have conception as a human in a harmonious environment with the nature.
We, NISSIN, will pursue to be kind to human being and nature, and do business which will pry open bright futures.

In the 21st century, we, manufacturing companies, are forced to confront global mega-competition in the world market.
Our SHIN NIPPON KOKI (SNK) group has been created to put up and implement "technology revolution" and "cost reduction" in order to realize the requirements of this era.
We will continue to make every effort to better serve our customers as a technical group that is capable of proposing exact solutions, combining original technologies nurtured by individual group companies to realize versatile needs of our customers.
Please look forwards to SNK group- - - that will pry open the future by combining diversified original technologies.
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